So you’ve got your first video scoring gig and there are a bunch of unanswered questions: How does Cubase deal with video? What are frame rates? How do you get everything synchronized? Well, this course takes you through the basics to get you ready to score music to picture in Cubase!

Expert trainer Hollin Jones takes you frame-by-frame through the video basics. You learn the different video formats, frame rates and how to get Cubase running in perfect sync. You see how to import video into your Cubase project and extract the video’s audio tracks for editing and processing. You also learn how to edit video and then export your finished video production with your embedded music and audio tracks!

Along the way, Hollin also explains the creative side of the scoring process. It’s in these videos that you see how to make all your musical ideas sync to picture and fit the visuals. So, before begin scoring your first feature film, start at the beginning and get those essential skills in this 24-tutorial course by Cubase expert Hollin Jones.