In this video tutorial series, Studio One guru Markus Huyskens explains and explores the mighty Presence XT Editor, an add-on extra you can purchase from Presonus for Studio One 3. This is your guide on how to use the editor, as well as how to get creative with it!

Starting with a brief introduction, Marcus then shows you how to chop up your samples when preparing them for export to Presence XT, and how to import those samples, and set up a playable sampler instrument.

After your samples are in a new sampler instrument, Marcus explains how to properly map your samples across root and key ranges, as well as how to adjust the ADSR settings. You’ll also dive deep into all the round-robin sample possibilities with the Presence XT Editor.

Moving on, Marcus demonstrates how to set loop points and loop ranges, along with giving you tips as to when you’d want to do this. Finally, you’ll explore how to export your instrument as a Soundset, so you can use and share your instrument with other Studio One users, as well as on other systems.

If you’re ready to be a Studio One 3 Presence XT ninja, watch “Studio One Know-How: Presence XT Editor” and get the most from your Presence XT sampler today!