n this course, dance music producer Miro Pajic shares his arsenal of club-crushing rhythm track production techniques. Watch, listen, learn and then employ Miro’s “Inside Info” in your electronic music tracks.
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Learning electronic music production from a pro like Miro Pajic is a great opportunity! And in this course, his second in our Electronic Artists Revealed (EAR) series, Miro gets right down to the essence of all dance music: the drums and bass.

Miro begins this Ableton Live-based course by showing you how he gets his tight, killer kicks. Next, he explores other drum production techniques including saturation and compression and how he uses plugins to add depth, width and sizzle to his club-proven percussion tracks. Next up is the bass. Here, Miro explains how the bass and drums must work as a team (this is a lost art) to create a powerful, unified foundation for your tracks. His bass techniques are not to be missed!

By the time you complete this course you will have a pocketful of audio tips that you can rely upon to enhance the sound of any of your rhythm tracks, no matter what kind of music you produce! A big thanks to the great Miro Pajic for sharing his “Inside Info!”